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Our Concept

This is the first ever timepiece to challenge the boundaries of traditional watches.

It is designed to infuse traditional classic with Smart technology.

The beauty of this wrist apparel lies in its array of Smart functionality, which will only unveil before the eyes of her owner. It is subtle yet meant to evoke elegance of classic watches.

Each timepiece features the exquisite and meticulous craftsmanship by the ateliers of Taylor. It houses her pride – the world’s first 6 hand mechanical smart movement, owned and uniquely developed by Taylor.  The engineering behind is also its legacy.

Taylor played a trailblazer role in the development of analogue smart watches. However, to deliver the ultimate experience to their watch wearers, it acknowledges that the aesthetics of its watches is key too.

A good timepiece can make or break an outfit and it may also be an expression of ones personality. Thus, the design is made simple, beautiful and classic to complement any outfit. The appearance of the watches is streamlined to align with ones lifestyle. This makes it more enjoyable to put on this wrist apparel.

Moving ahead, Taylor would continue to push the limits of traditional watches and develop the new “new” to timepieces.