About Us

TAYLOR watches was first founded in 1956 in a small town of Switzerland. Derived from the French word “tailleur”, the name is meant to evoke the bespoke and exquisite craftsmanship of this highly regarded medieval occupation. This also inspired the ateliers of Taylor to craft the world’s finest timepiece and it marked her debut into the world of horology. The essence of Taylor lies in its dedication and commitment to quality workmanship. For almost half a century, her manufacture was held in high esteem. Later in 1999, Taylor’s immeasurable potential was discovered by Leader Enterprise, which then had a rich history of 72 years in watch making. Taylor has since then withstood the test of time with its strong company core values. Tradition. Ethics. Quality. Innovation. Aesthetics. Service. The insistence on top quality craftsmanship and its continual pursuit for perfection is fundamental to its deep commitment to never compromise. It is this perseverance and attention to the finest details, which lies in the heart of Taylor’s business.

Taylor’s high technical competencies also endowed her with the capability to innovate and develop new automation technology in watch making. This plays a pivotal role in its brand support and has always allowed Taylor to lead the market by her foresight. Inherent in the business of Taylor, is also a system of social responsibility. It ensures that Taylor does her part in maintaining the integrity of the society while protecting the environment. Every decision and actions must be ethically validated and it must not cause harm to the society or the environment. This belief in upholding the right set of values and principles is deeply rooted in the culture of Taylor.

Now with the third generation of leaders, Taylor is destined to race forward and lead the next wave of trend in watches.