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Each TAYLOR watch is the masterpiece crafted by our designer.

TAYLOR- Originated from Switzerland, refers to tailor. The naming not only represents the meticulous design of TAYLOR watch, but also delivers the technology-oriented value of the brand. The exclusive movement design, coupled with rigorous Swiss watchmaking production, adds an unparalleled product features to TAYLOR watch spectrum, which just reflect people’s decent taste and reliable choice.

TAYLOR, means sewing in French, was originated from the watch kingdom – Switzerland.

The founder Mr. Robert was born in the sewing family from a western small town. Edified by the parents, Robert has become the marvelous tailor without surprising after growing up.

At mid-twentieth century, by the bloom of watch industry, Mr. Robert has made a resolution to step into this beautiful and delicating field. Possess extraordinary attentive mind and technical skill, Mr. Robert soon found his distinctive value in watch territory and found brand TAYLOR in 1950.

The implication of TAYLOR is fully exhibited on the exquisite sewing craftsmanship, and seamless integrated into watch without violation. The beauty of the craft was first unveiled in 1999 in Taiwan market by Leader enterprise, the watchmaking family with 72-year history.

perfusion of multi-culture entrepreneurship. The insistence on the craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection, TAYLOR has always led the market by its foresight. The cultivation of machine development also plays a pivotal part in brand support. From design, appearance, shell, machine and movement. Taylor has made transition to more advanced levels.

Corporate Philosophy


Committed to sustainable operation, TAYLOR has gone beyond from the history lesson.

With over 70 years of experience, The Leader enterprise has passed its spirit to the third generation.


Each member of Leader team all bears the earnest attitude toward every case, client and product. Strictly controlling the quality pass by pass through inspections, institutionalization and SOP building is the key for corporate to step forward.


Based on the seasoned experience in watch industry, Leader has developed a full-fledged territory from simply watchmaking to the production machine development, giving the high flexibility on watch design and producing. Combined with the latest trend forecasting, Leader is expected to make the big breakthrough and surpass the others by the creative mind.